custom designs


As a freelance designer I do offer custom designs.

Do you have a dream project or idea you want to flesh out? For that perfect one of a kind piece or maybe it’s something smaller?

I can create buildings, containers, crates, walls, graphic designs or custom engravings on existing products.


What can you expect from me?


Be creative and deliver the best possible looking products.

Premium Quality

Always use the best possible materials.

Friendly service

Polite and professional, ready to anwser all needed questions.

How to order a custom design?

Ordering a custom piece can be tricky but I’m here to make your life simpler.

1. BE SPECIFIC, about what you want. Satisfaction is guaranteed to the best of my ability to communicate with you.

2. Tell me what kind of design you want to flesh out. May it be a custom building, a series of containers or just something as simple as custom engravings on existing products.

3. Give me as much details as possible about your custom design. Any visual reference, sketch will be a huge help and quicken the process.

4. Pricing is individual. Each custom design will be priced differently based on time and it’s complexity. A simple text change won’t be as expensive as a fully designed building.

5. All created logos, blueprints, designs and files belong to Gingermane Studio.

6. If you have any questions, please ask them and I will do everything in my power to provide you with proper answers.


Terms & Conditions

All custom work payment is taken up front, with a minimum of 2 hours payment for hourly rates. Once the work is complete, I will invoice you for any additional hours that a piece has taken (I’m usually pretty good at estimating, so this rarely happens) and then send the item once the final payment has been received.

During the design process, you will be notified when the design work has been started, and then receive a preview image of the design work once designs have been completed. At that stage you can ask for any adaptations or changes to the work, and we will redesign and resend images until you are satisfied with the designs. Once you have confirmed the designs you like, and manufacture begins, no other changes can be made.

For obvious reasons, once I start work on a custom piece and sketches were done I cannot refund them. Any design work made up to the point of cancellation is also non-refundable, but any other items are eligible for a refund as per our usual terms and conditions.

All designs become the customers property once completed, to be used by them in any way they fit. Gingermane Studio keeps all the blueprints, files and copyrights and retains the right to use designs in their own future projects.

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